Concrete Repair


Concrete Repair

Concrete plays an enormous role in the construction of commercial and residential buildings and it need to be maintained. When concrete becomes deteriorated and damaged, its ability to support the building structure is weakened. If left unchecked or unrepaired, it can further disintegrate the concrete structure. Deterioration of concrete may happen due to corrosion of reinforced steel, sulfate deterioration, alkali aggregate reaction, cyclic freeze/thaw, acid attack,  water infiltration, overloading, shrinkage, thermal movement and seismic activity..etc

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd. has vast experience in all facets of concrete repairs, restoration and protection which can extend the life span of the structure and also ward-off costly reconstruction and demolition.  We are specialized in concrete repairs which includes :

  • Structural and Cosmetic Repair.
  • Repair of Crack & Honey combing
  • Repair of leakages
  • Concrete Replacement and Restoration
  • Overlays & Resurfacing
  • Expansion Joint replacement
  • Cathodic Protection


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