Soil Mitigation


Soil Mitigation

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd. has performed Permeation Grouting, Compaction Grouting and Underpinning on numerous projects in many varying geologies. With its qualified, experienced team of Skilled Workers / Engineers and Equipments (Crawler Drill Rigs).

PERMEATION GROUTING:  is a ground treatment procedure in which holes are drilled into the soil using Crawler Drill Rigs and placing injection pipe (tubes) into the ground and injecting under pressure of pumpable  portland cement grout or chemical-based slurry without disturbing or causing a major change in soil volume,  filling soil pores and turning granular soils into a solid mass with increased strength, stiffness, and reduced permeability.

Permeation Grouting is used to prevent the movement of granular soils, water ingress or migration through loose, sandy soils, or poorly compacted fill results in erosion, movement, and loss of soils which leads to failure of nearby structures such as foundations, slabs, roadways, bridges and more.

COMPACTION GROUTING: is a specialized grouting technique designed to stabilize and increase the density of the existing weak soils. This method of grouting is used to rehabilitate settlement of sensitive structures or adding load to existing structures.

Compaction grouting is carried out by injecting stiff mortar-like grout under pressure through cased boreholes to form bulbs, which pushes the surrounding soil to the side and increasing its density. The works are carried out from the surface, with the grout bulbs created from the bottom-up in successive stages of 1m. The degree of densification depends on the type of soil treated and the grid pattern selected for the injection points, with injection rates generally varying from 4 to 6m3 per hour, with that reducing to 2m3 per hour in particularly sensitive conditions.

UNDERPINNING: is a process used to repair, strengthen, or increase the depth of an existing foundation by lowering the footing to allow it to rest on more supportive soil. Underpinning is associated with the remediation of deficient or failing foundations, it is also used in cases where the use of a building has changed, floors are being added to upper stories, or additional depth is desired in subsurface spaces, such as basements or cellars.


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