Speciality Coating & Flooring


Speciality Coating & Flooring

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd is having a team of qualified, well trained and experienced Applicators, and Engineers to supervise and ensure a successful Polyurea/Epoxy Coating Installation works. Our services includes :

  • Polyurea Coating System
  • Protective Coatings for Concrete Surfaces
  • Protective Coatings for Metal Surfaces
  • Industrial Flooring System


Polyurea is a fast-setting plural-component material consists of resin and isocyanate at 1:1 ratio which is mixed in a specialist Polyurea application gun (Graco’s Hydraulic Reactor 2H-XP2-17H062). These compounds are mixed only when the gun trigger is pulled. As a result the materials are mixed precisely, allowing an almost instant cure on contact with the substrate.  Polyurea is more durable and flexible than epoxies because it is an elastomer. It is also chemical resistant to spills, scratches, and impact and can withstand stable heat for a shorter amount of time. Polyurea is UV resistant and will not yellow in the sun. This makes polyurea a great option for outdoor patios, pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks. It is also used in potable water tank, reservoirs, viaducts and irrigation canals, bridge pillars and decks, Waterproofing of roofs for industrial warehouses.For applications of Polyurea Coating System we use Graco advance spaying technology. Graco’s Hydraulic Reactor 2H-XP2-17H062 brings increased yield and high output spraying.



When it comes to protection of concrete/metal surfaces, epoxy resin floor coating system is the most widely used technology due to its aesthetics, durability, low maintenance, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. Epoxy flooring can be applied as a seamless, easy-to-clean floor surface with a wide range of customizable colours, styles, effects and decorative options as well as a variety of gloss levels (glossy, satin, matte) and anti-skid system.

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