Specialty Services


Specialty Services

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd specialty services includes : Corrosion Control, Firestop & Fire Proofing System and Stone Facade Maintenance.

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd expertise and experience, coupled with our training, safety record and impeccable reputation make us one of the leading installer of cathodic protection system. Our skilled workforce has a vast knowledge of cathodic protection systems and installation techniques, giving clients the superior quality of work.


Corrosion Control

Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. That is why steel is used in reinforced concrete. But one of the limitations with using steel to reinforce concrete is the potential for corrosion due to chloride. Corrosion of metal reinforcement leads to damage, deterioration and destruction in concrete structures. Excessive corrosion can lead to dangerous unanticipated failures and costly repairs.

Cathodic protection is an established repair method for reinforced concrete. Today cathodic protection is used by many building owners as an integrated part of the maintenance strategy for reinforced concrete structures.   Therefore, many reinforced concrete structures are prepared for installation of cathodic protection already during the construction in contrast to earlier, when cathodic protection was merely used as a method of repair. Cathodic protection efficiently stops ongoing corrosion and thus degradation of your structure.


Firestop & Fire Proofing System

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd is a full service Firestop & Fire Proofing Contractor providing the newest fire-rating technologies and methods to protect residential, industrial and commercial structures and their occupants.  We specialize in the installation of UL-classified and FM-approved firestop systems.

Failing to seal the openings and joints is dangerous and can lead to the rapid spread of a fire.

We specialize in the application of products specifically designed to close Through Penetrations -openings containing mechanical, electrical, security and communications services, Joints (between fire rated construction components), Perimeter Fire Barrier (slab edges and exterior wall cavities) and Blank Openings (openings in fire rated assemblies with no penetrating items).  Other systems such as Fireproofing and Intumescent Coatings provide protection to structural assemblies in order to improve their resistance to fire while decreasing the possibility of weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat



Stone Façade Cleaning & Maintenance

Sky Specialized Co. Ltd. Ltd with its well trained, skilled and experienced team has been performing delicate, effective,  affordable and high-quality stone cleaning and restoration works.  In 2022 Sky Specialized has done SNB Head Quarter Jeddah façade cleaning by chemical scrubbing and replacement of joint sealant mastic work. Chemical cleaners are effective for removing dirt, and unlike water-based treatments, they can also be used to remove paint, coatings, metallic stains, and graffiti.

The facade represents a well-groomed  exterior architectural appearance of the building. So regular cleaning and maintenance work is absolutely necessary. Professional cleaning with the latest methods and techniques is not only about good looks, but also about maintaining the facade in good condition as well as doing it with an eco-friendly cleaning technique. A clean and well maintained exterior is memorable for both visitors and users of a building.


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